Informed by propaganda the story of Chelloveck republic of Droog’s began with the entanglement of narratives from two novels “A Clockwork Orange” and “the Aleph”.

Combining the ideology of infinite time and being able to see everything happening in the world simultaneously with Neo violence, brutalism, and mind control. Chelloveck Republic of Droog’s sells the idea of safety although it is never guaranteed.

The country manifests itself in the southern Cerebral hemisphere of Rubin Carters brain as a result of PTSD suffered through the inequality, injustice and violence he suffered through life, he is the ambassador of the country and his mind is a vessel in which the country is created.

Chelloveck Republic of Droog’s, where safety matters and is key.

Citizens must agree to regular doses of aversion therapy re conditioning their minds to adhere to the Republics agenda and ideologies, ensure safety for each citizen by safeguarding them from a world violence, hatred, and injustice. Is it ok that safety outweighs Agency? 

monitoring each other’s activities and showing our own through the use of technology, alludes to the aleph’s narrative, as citizens continue to become consumed by social media and upload their lives, the cycle of social regulation begins to emerge so the Republic has to do very little in regard to policing.

Ille Artificium Nos Fiducia (In Craft we trust) informed by my final year research thesis the function of this Embassy is to addresses and sustain the dying skills of artisans red listed as endangered by the Heritage Craft Association.

The degree of hierarchy within the embassy consists of three stages, at the bottom is the apprentice selected by the republic to represent the country by learning an endangered craft, it is considered an honour and they are subjected to less aversion therapy than the average citizen. Above the apprentices are the Masters of Craft, they hold the secrets the dying art and pass on their knowledge to their apprentices. At the Top is the Grand master, responsible for all aspects of running the embassy.

Behind the veil of safety and brotherhood are dark secrets and sacred rituals. without the protection of a union, the resident apprentices are forced to endure 7 years of labour eventually stooping to a level of unrest, torment, and mental decay under the whip of the grand master. Who succeeds in becoming a master depends on the ability to follow rules and keep in line with little hope in becoming grandmaster.

Following the idea of safety, I chose the Drop Redoubt in dover as the location for my Embassy, drenched in history its spatial qualities are a display of beautiful and timeless architectural engineering with some parts falling into decay. To keep the character and integrity of the scheduled monument I wanted to make sure that its character and integrity were preserved by Exploring the beauty of decay and how I could use it as a feature.

My final design proposal is communicated through a mixture of medias such as hybrid renders, comic book styles story telling and collages, material exploration and 3Dmodelling, using various precedents to inspire my art.


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